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The most valued features of LMSs in 2022

An eLearning Industry survey of more than 1,000 LMS users reveals which Learning Management System features most meet their needs and desires

While to invest in a new LMS, some organizations prioritize reporting features and certificate management, others focus on software that specializes in peer education remotely. The wishlist for an LMS depends primarily on business objectives, current gaps, and personal development goals.

Some background considerations: 

  • two-thirds of respondents use an LMS
  • during the pandemic a large proportion of respondents used LMSs for self-study or virtual learning
  • for all organizations, LMSs are key tools for managing compliance and training certificates
  • more than two-thirds of respondents use an LMS to manage mandatory training

In addition, online self-study leads the way. 

Finally, compliance training via LMS is most important for companies that train internal staff. 

What LMS functions are indispensable?

Using a scale, respondents were asked to rate the importance of specific LMS features to their organization. Which features are very important or extremely important to them?

1. For companies that use LMSs for live training management, the following are very important: 

  • the lesson planning function
  • the calendar view for trainees of training events 
  • the attendance log and student progress reporting
  • the management of lecturers and training classrooms (physical or virtual).

In contrast, for companies that use LMSs to manage primarily asynchronous training, it matters a lot: 

  • the attendance log and student progress reporting
  • the function of downloading and uploading files by faculty and students
  • the ability to manage online discussions via chat and forums
  • the creation and management of tests, surveys and quizzes

2. Regarding self-study, companies rated the functions of: 

  • distribution and tracking of online courses in SCORM format
  • ability to create and manage tests and assessments, as well as surveys and questionnaires

In addition, for training providers, built-in course creation features and the creation and management of tests and assessments are indispensable LMS features.

3. Organizations that rely on LMSs to manage compliance training have estimated as indispensable functions:

  • the creation of user groups
  • the ability to assign a course only to specific defined groups or individuals
  • the sending of alerts and warnings to learners to invite them to renew their expiring training
  • the tracking of training (hours/duration)
  • the generation of training reports

4. The most sought-after special features in an LMS are: 

  • the creation of training paths (consisting of multiple online courses)
  • the management of microlearning

DynDevice LMS combines all these aspects. 

The 100% made-in-Italy LMS, with technical support offered by Italian operators, ISO/IEC 27001 certified to ensure high security of digital information and fully compatible for funded training reporting, is designed to make user companies autonomous in managing users, detailed training reporting and simple creation of synchronous, asynchronous and blended digital training paths.

If you are evaluating a new comprehensive eLearning platform for managing and creating corporate training (synchronous, asynchronous, online, classroom, blended, video conferencing) and corporate staff development, ask for a free demo now.

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