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Why use ebooks in an online course?

Convenience, speed, and accessibility are just three of the benefits that ebooks offer within an online training course. Want to learn more about them? Read the article.

Ebooks from a few decades have entered the homes of many Italians. They have slowly joined the paper books without preventing the latter from disappearing. Ebooks, in fact, provide new possibilities compared to traditional books, especially in terms of interactivity and convenience. For this reason, they can also offer some advantages for eLearning. How?

1. Virtual textbooks

Unless it's microlearning, usually most online courses may need additional material, a kind of textbook. Instead of buying bulky manuals, an excellent solution is the ebook. In just a few megabytes, in fact, you can pack all the necessary information that, in addition, can be sent and downloaded in seconds.

2. Easy navigation

For those who study, finding the topic you were looking for immediately is very useful. Ebooks allow you to search within the content and move easily from one page to another. If you use an e-reader, moreover, your eyesight will suffer less than on computer and smartphone screens.

3. Links to multimedia content

The interactivity of the ebook allows you to insert links to other content, from video to audio, from social to other pages of interest to the students. In addition, it's possible to insert tasks or exercises to do in order to review what has just been learned.

4. Accessible to all

Many ebooks are free while paid ebooks generally cost less than paper books. That's not all. The ability to increase the size of the text as well as the ability to turn the text into audio are useful for disabled learners. At the same time, the reduced weight of e-readers makes them perfect for those with problems such as arthritis or prostheses. Finally, an ebook is accessible both online and offline.

5. Easy to create

Transforming content into an ebook is a rather simple task and you don't need to have advanced programming skills. In fact, there are a wide range of tools, free or paid, that allow you to create ebooks without too much effort.

6. Strengthen the brand

Creating ebooks specifically for online courses can be a great opportunity for eLearning companies: ebooks can turn into an additional source of revenue. It can also be a way to encourage people who read the ebook to enroll in one of the courses offered.

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