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2021: The importance of measuring the effectiveness of eLearning

Analyzing the effectiveness of online courses is critical to offer quality products and ensure training lives up to the expense made.

The year 2020 was a year of change in all respects. The COVID-19 pandemic, in fact, disrupted everyone's plans and, in the process, revolutionized the world of work especially through the expanded use of smart working.

These changes have led to the further rise of eLearning. Investments in distance learning were made by both individual learners and companies that needed to rely more on online courses. Those who were already in the process of increasing their investment in eLearning before the pandemic have increased their spending on virtual training even more.

These investments, however, need to be justified. This means that companies offering online courses need to prove that the product they are offering is worth it. What is the impact of learning on business outcomes? How can you demonstrate the effectiveness of learning programs to customers? Here are some tips:

1. Monitor results

An eLearning company's job doesn't end with selling its courses. To measure the effectiveness of your product, in fact, it is essential to monitor the results, checking if the trainees have actually been able to use the new skills in their personal and professional development. If you don't have the ability to get this measurement directly in the workplace, you can use simulations at the end of the course to get reliable answers.

2. Before and after performance

To be even more precise, measuring the effectiveness of the course can be done through an assessment of employees' performance goals before and after the online training. What were the skills and experience level prior to the course? How close did they get to their performance goals after the online training?

3. Trainee Evaluation

As we have mentioned several times, trainee feedback is a mainstay in the evaluation of an online course. This element, along with tracking the trainees' progress, helps to understand where the gaps are and in which parts of the course changes need to be made to improve the overall online learning outcome.

4. Take advantage of learning analytics

One discipline that is becoming increasingly popular in the online training industry is learning analytics. By collecting and analyzing online learning activity, it is possible to assess the key metrics of a virtual training course. This will be one of the must-have disciplines in the coming years.

5. Calculate ROI

One of the most widely used metrics at the enterprise level is ROI (Return Of Investment). It's a metric that gives you greater certainty about your business performance. Why? Simple, because ROI measures the increase in profit after the investment made by the company.

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