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3 types of webinars that improve the customer journey

Find out how to use webinars to improve your customer journey and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

Today more than ever, webinars are an essential tool to reach a large scale audience quickly and inexpensively, involving even those users who would not be available to follow an event in attendance.

The use of webinars can be strategic for any activity, regardless of the sector in which it operates. This is because webinars allow you to educate, inspire, show and connect directly with your audience. If well structured, they also help to create brand confidence and improve the customer journey.

In fact, there are different types of webinars, each with its own characteristics that adapt to the different phases of the customer's life cycle. Depending on your goal, you can then choose the webinar that best suits that specific need.

1. Webinar for lead generation

When a user subscribes to a webinar, he fills in a form in which provides his contact information (name, e-mail address, professional title, etc.). This means that, if well designed and intended for a large scale audience, webinars are an excellent tool for collecting qualified contacts.

Lead generation webinars, however, only work if they are aimed at helping the audience to solve a typical problem of their business. Choosing a relevant topic that meets a real need will allow you to develop a relationship based on your company's expertise and willingness to share it. This will increase trust in your brand and credibility.

Remember, however, that unlike product webinars, this type of webinar is aimed at a large scale audience that does not have, at least in the immediate future, the will to buy your product, but only to receive information useful to solve its problem.

Play your cards well and manage the follow-up activities in the best way: if you manage to gain credibility during the webinar, you can then more easily convince them that your solution is suitable for them and turn them into customers.

2. Product demonstration webinar

The demonstration webinar is an effective tool to engage your audience and make sure they understand how to get the most out of your product or service.

The demonstration can include sharing informative slides or video footage in which you physically show how to use your product.

You can create demo webinars for your customers to support them in the after-sales phase, or you can create a webinar for leads to help you convert them into customers. This will allow you to build a positive and lasting relationship with your audience and strengthen trust in your business.

Either way, make sure you choose a "presenter" who knows your product perfectly and can clearly explain all its features and answer any doubts or objections. At the same time, since the risk of demonstration webinars is that they may not be engaging enough, make sure the presenter is also communicatively effective and keeps the audience's attention high throughout the event.

3. Webinars for customer loyalty

Turning your qualified contacts into customers is definitely a challenge. But your work doesn't end there. In today's competitive landscape, customer retention is critical and inspiring your buyers to stay with you and become brand loyal is a never-ending process.

In this sense, webinars are a powerful tool to cultivate customer relationships. Create regular webinar sessions to inform your customers about updates to your business and take time to answer their questions. 

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