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Corporate Intranet: what it is and what benefits it offers to companies

What is a company Intranet? And why is it a useful tool for any type of company, especially medium and large?

At a time like the present, when offices are increasingly dematerialized and work is spreading remotely, companies continually need to create efficient systems that help improve communication and increase the involvement of internal resources. Here: a corporate intranet meets exactly this need.

Corporate Intranet: what is it

A company intranet is a website accessible only through a local network or VPN line, therefore open only to internal staff of a company. In some cases, such as DynDevice LMS, the company intranet can be managed directly through the company eLearning platform. 

When the first intranets were introduced, they were mainly used to share procedures and align employees with the company's vision and mission. Nowadays, however, intranets allow multidirectional communication: both vertical (from top to bottom and vice versa) and horizontal (between colleagues), encouraging collaboration between employees of the same company, regardless of department or location.

Company Intranet: advantages

Share information

A corporate intranet makes it easier to share information by providing a single centralized source for searching data and documents. No more endless e-mail exchanges or hard drives to consult to find the required document. With a corporate intranet you have a single, central repository of all your company files and information, regardless of type and format. But that's not all: thanks to the intranet, data can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. All you need is a device connected to the Internet and everything you need is just a click away!

Connecting people

Especially in globalized companies or with employees working remotely, intranets help colleagues connect securely and communicate, helping to create and spread a shared corporate culture. Today's intranets include various communication tools: bulletin boards, chat rooms, forums, instant messaging, etc. This improves communication between departments and helps create a positive team environment.

Increase security levels

Intranets reside on networks with controlled access and this helps not only to centralize company information, but also to protect sensitive or confidential company data. You can also differentiate access levels and decide which documents and pages can be viewed and by whom.

Facilitate onboarding

A good intranet makes onboarding easier. You can use it to upload forms to fill out, tutorials or online training courses for new employee placement and orientation. In addition, new hires can consult the intranet to quickly find documents, updated organization charts and insights into the history and culture of the company.

Manage activities and workflows

Some intranets include project and work order management tools that allow you to assign deadlines, resources and workers involved and monitor the progress of workflows. You can then monitor the status of jobs and calculate the time needed to complete all tasks. But that's not all: employees will also be able to view their list of tasks and receive alerts and reminders about deadlines.

Increase employee involvement

The employees involved are happier, more productive and less likely to leave the company. An intranet can improve your employees' involvement in many ways and allows employees to understand the broader picture of the company and feel part of it, as well as align themselves with the company's goals.

Increase productivity

However, perhaps the most consistent and measurable advantage concerns productivity. By connecting your employees to the tools, information and people they need to do their job, you will reduce the time spent searching or collecting information, accessing multiple platforms, consulting colleagues, etc. The result? A quieter climate, less unnecessary work, reduced waste and an inevitable increase in business productivity.

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