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E-learning ecosystem: the challenges of the future

What is a learning ecosystem? Discover some of the elements that can play a key role in the present and future of the elearning system.

We are all familiar with the word "ecosystem" referring to environmental issues. However, this term can be used in other areas to define a system in which the elements form an interactive whole in which they influence each other. For this reason, it is also possible to speak of an ecosystem in the field of learning. 

In this case, the elements that are part of the whole include, for example, the learners, the content, the strategy and the technologies used. Each component has an impact, either directly or indirectly, on the others. Just like a natural ecosystem, the learning ecosystem can be healthy or unhealthy.

If in the past, the learning system was simpler and consisted mainly of students, teachers and content, with the passage of time and the arrival of new technologies and, consequently, eLearning, it has become increasingly complex. This means that keeping this ecosystem in balance can be more difficult. The focus of learning, for example, no longer falls on the teacher but on the content and, lately, increasingly on the needs of the student.

What are the challenges of the present and future of the eLearning ecosystem? Here are the main ones:
Prioritizing practical skills: in the corporate world, more and more practical skills are required rather than theoretical knowledge. This means that content must also offer the right balance between theory and practice;

Personalize learning: every learner has his or her own needs, so the challenge of eLearning is and will be to create tailored platforms and content;

Access to augmented and virtual reality: the use of augmented and virtual reality will allow students not only to make learning more practical and immersive but also to personalize it;

Social learning: in an increasingly connected world, learning is also becoming social. As of now, don't miss the opportunity for social learning and use social media as an opportunity to promote networking among learners;

Connected anytime, anywhere: learners are increasingly "connected," so even training courses must be always available on any type of device;

Small but continuous learning: thanks to microlearning, trainees can study and learn quickly and concisely. Plus, this mode of learning allows them to stay up-to-date quickly through continuous training;

Wearable technology: So-called "wearable technologies" are beginning to enter the world of eLearning. These objects, such as watches or viewers, can be used to understand learners' behaviors and further personalize the course.

In order to constantly maintain balance within the ecosystem, then, it is critical to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news. Learners, in fact, are constantly evolving and the world of eLearning must also be increasingly adaptable and connected to these changes.

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