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How to make money with an educational app?

What options can you put in place to get benefits from an educational app? Here are the main strategies.

If elearning is becoming increasingly trendy, so are educational apps. More and more companies are deciding to devote themselves to this sector and deliver eLearning courses that can be enjoyed via various devices, from smartphones to tablets.

An example of a platform that allows the delivery, management and creation of online training is DynDevice LMS. The system also allows courses to be delivered through a custom IoS and Android application for each company. In addition to being able to enjoy online courses on computers, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs, the app allows privileged access and the possibility to follow the course both online and offline, while keeping the training status and progress of the users under control.

However, when it comes to training apps in general, the question arises: is it possible to earn money through these apps? The answer is yes. There are several strategies to get consistent financial benefits. Here are some of the main ones:

1. Advertising

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most well-known ways. Offering visibility to businesses through ads allows you to have a constant source of revenue that increases as the app's popularity and number of users increases. What's more, this mode allows you to offer users a paid premium subscription that allows them not to view these ads.

2. Freemium

This option gives users the opportunity to use the app for free but only for a limited time or part of the course, after which they will have to purchase a monthly or annual subscription to continue using it.

3. Paid Sections

Another way to be able to earn money is to offer additional features or services of the app for a fee. In this case, compared to the freemium option, the user will only pay to enjoy additional benefits, otherwise, they can still continue using the app.

4. Shopping in the app

Have you ever used an app to learn a new language? As you progress, you'll win badges or coins that you need to advance to the next step. If that doesn't happen, you can purchase these rewards in order to unlock the next levels.

5. Paid updates

In this case, you can use the initial version of the app for free. However, those users who want an updated app with new features can get it by paying for updates.

6. Paid services and materials

In order to take advantage of superior and personalized quality, the app may offer the possibility to communicate with tutors or experts to enhance the learning process. In addition, for additional benefits you can have a dedicated section of the online store where you can sell additional study materials, from audiobooks to notes.

7. Subscription

This is one of the most used options. For the continuous use of the app, users are required to pay a monthly or annual subscription that will allow them to follow the course while enjoying all the services and features. This mode also has the advantage of building user loyalty.

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