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Is microlearning effective at company level?

Microlearning is not just one of many training trends. At company level, it is increasingly proving its effectiveness.

Microlearning is a growing trend in the world of training. Speed, effectiveness and usability are three of the characteristics that lead more and more students to choose this mode of online courses. Not only that. In recent years, companies have also started to choose microlearning for various purposes, from refresher courses to the onboarding process.

However, not everyone is yet convinced of the effectiveness of microlearning at company level. However, this method of online training can overcome many of the critical issues in the world of corporate training. Microlearning is not just a fad. Here are the main reasons why it is increasingly being chosen by companies:

1. Optimising time

Reconciling training and work is difficult, not only because of the mental overload but also because of the lack of time. In an increasingly complex work situation, microlearning requires less effort in terms of time. In this way, employees do not risk missing out on the training they need to improve their work in the company. The flexibility to decide when to carry out the course also means that employees do not feel that they are at the end of their rope.

2. Increased effectiveness

A well-designed microlearning course gets straight to the point. This means that even if the time is much shorter, the crucial objective of the course is not lost: to train employees. It is the employees themselves who confirm the effectiveness of the course, since despite the shorter timeframe, microlearning has the advantage of reinforcing concepts through repetition and other strategies such as gamification. This type of training usually works with all age groups and, in any case, with those who are already used to using smartphones and apps.

3. Immediate application

The results of microlearning are directly applicable in the company. Employees, in fact, have the opportunity, compared to many other types of learners, to use the newly learned knowledge immediately and with greater confidence: learning and application times are reduced.

4. Cost reduction

Obviously, microlearning is beneficial both for the employees, who are more motivated to learn and save time, but also for the companies. In terms of costs, microlearning offers value for money that exceeds that of many traditional courses. However, in order to achieve all these benefits at company level, it is crucial that the (micro) training course is designed effectively and focuses on the objective.

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