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The "new normality" and the consequences on training

One of the sectors that are growing most and need to adapt quickly to the situation caused by COVID is eLearning.

The coronavirus has left us in a situation of constant uncertainty. Between a suspended future and the new normality we are trying to adapt. The training sector is also in turmoil, especially the area of eLearning, which has once again proved to be an indispensable ally in these times of crisis. What are the new trends in this new normality?

1. The spread of online training

It couldn't be otherwise in times of lockdown and social distancing, but the situation doesn't change much during the new normality either. Due to reduced travel, smart working and the need to maintain strict security protocols, online courses, webinars and all other virtual options will continue to be a viable alternative to traditional training courses.

2. Increased online communications

If the training is online, it is also normal that most of the questions and requests of the pupils are made in a virtual way. Therefore, pay attention to the design of the online course! It is essential that your LMS system is able to handle high traffic flows. Read also " The world of smart working: Cyber Security".

3. Training/upgrading courses for old and new employees

The pandemic has shaken the world of work. While many companies have been forced to cut staff or close down during the lockdown, with the new normality it is possible that they will slowly return to hiring. In any case, even in this situation, whether newly hired or older employees, it will be preferable for training and refresher courses to take place online. 

4. The creation of new content

The last few years have seen the eLearning boom. Yet, at the moment, demand has increased so much that there is a great need for new courses to cover the new needs of companies, training institutes and trainees.

5. The help of new technologies

With an ever-increasing demand for online courses, technologies must also go at the same speed. This means that programmers must always be looking for new solutions that can improve the quality and possibilities of online training.

6. The demand for new eLearning professionals

If the eLearning sector is growing, this means that the demand for professionals in this sector is also growing. From content managers to programmers, this area will allow many to put their knowledge at the service of the training world.

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