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Tips for creating a blended learning program

Have you ever considered designing a blended learning program? Do you know the main elements to consider?

Online learning or traditional learning? In many cases, the right answer is blended learning, a training mode consisting of both elearning and face-to-face training. This form of blended learning can be a great way to customize training paths as much as possible and to meet the different needs of workers.

Despite the advantages of this mode of learning, a lot of planning is required to mix two types of training. Here are some tips to follow while designing a blended learning program:

  • Use online and offline resources - Blended learning allows you to use resources from both the online world, such as videos and podcasts, and the offline world, such as hands-on demonstrations or practical sessions. In this way, training becomes more flexible and engaging, and trainees can take advantage of different tools for their daily learning.
  • Customize paths - Both online and face-to-face modes can offer the possibility to customize the training path to the maximum. This is a key element that allows trainees to feel more motivated and see real results that fit their professional needs. Through the online portion, for example, you can find out what the main skill gaps are and provide more relevant training.
  • Promote collaboration among participants - eLearning is often considered a rather "cold" mode of learning. With blended learning, however, the danger of making learners feel isolated is avoided. For this reason, both through the participation in person in the course and through online social tools (social networks, forums, video calls, etc.) it is possible to create a bond and a good collaboration between students. In this way, you stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experience and promote greater engagement.
  • Carefully plan the content - When we talk about blended learning one of the first questions that arises is: how to organize the content? Every course is a world, however, it can be useful, for example, to include content such as articles, videos or audios in the online part and implement the demonstrations and practical exercises in the classroom. Take advantage of the benefits of both types of learning and distribute the content accordingly.
  • Ask for feedback - As with any self-respecting course, it is crucial in blended learning programs not to forget to collect feedback. Ask for the opinion of the trainees from time to time so that you can identify areas that need improvement.

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