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An online course with a minimalist design

Minimalism is always in vogue. In eLearning platforms as well as giving an elegant touch to the site is able to facilitate the study and readability.

Simplicity is often the best answer. For this reason, minimalist design continues to be trendy. This happens not only in the design of apartments, but also in the design of websites. The same goes for eLearning platforms where often "less is more". Don't know how to create a minimalist looking online course? Here are some tips:

1. Contrast

In addition to creating contrast simply using black and white, other colors can also have this task in a minimalist eLearning platform. Besides paying attention to colour theory, however, the difficulty lies in finding a balance: everything must be visible and easy to read without overwhelming the rest of the elements. An example? If we use a rather large image, it is preferable not to use text with characters too large to give too much "input".

2. Colours

Although colors are allowed on a minimalist website, it is preferable not to exaggerate by using too many of them. In general, it is preferable to use two main colors, in their different shades: they are very useful to help the user to move around the platform, getting a feeling of peace.

3. White spaces

You don't have to be a design expert to understand the enormous importance of white spaces. Why is that? Simple, they help to divide the page, to give breathing space. A minimalist design plays a lot with white spaces to give a feeling of peace and order. On the page there is only space for the essential.

4. Few pictures

The use of images is fundamental in a platform with minimalist design but, as always, "less is more". This means that it is preferable to use an image that attracts attention and has a meaning within the page rather than using too many photos that would risk lowering students' concentration.

5. Font chosen

We know how important the font is to the success of an online course. It becomes even more so in the sense frame of a minimalist aesthetic. Which font to choose? Without doubt a sans serif one that is able to make reading smooth and pleasant.

6. Intelligent use of space

You can't create a minimalist design without making good use of the available space. The site must convey harmony and balance in all its parts, from text to images.

7. Use of grids

In order to organise your eLearning platform geometrically and aesthetically perfect, an indispensable tool is the so-called "grids". In this way, all the elements of the page will be exactly where you have decided to put them.

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