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Immediacy: the feature to involve students

Immediacy: the feature to involve students
Paola Giura
 Paola Giura
06/05/2020 : To avoid the online course being less effective it is preferable that students always feel "active" within the course. A greater presence of tutors, for example, is one of the winning weapons.

There are a whole series of stereotypes that hold back some people from enrolling in an online course. Many still prefer traditional training, fearing that online training is not of the same quality. As we have said many times, however, eLearning is an area always looking for new strategies to fill the gaps in traditional courses and to improve the service.

 One of the possible "disadvantages" of online courses is the lack of contact with the tutor and other students. Although several studies show that "face to face" is not necessarily decisive for the final results or the quality of the course, experts are always looking for new ways to make up for any shortcomings in traditional training. For this reason, one of the words that is becoming more and more popular in recent years for eLearning is "immediacy".

 What is meant by this term? It can refer to several things, for example the time spent between the study of the lesson and its direct application. However, immediacy also refers to the relationship between student and tutor. This type of immediacy occurs, for example, mainly through the possibility for the students to immediately ask questions about what has been explained and also to create a "verbal debate" around a certain topic. Keeping in touch with through different tools (such as email, chat and forum, but also video calls) is indispensable for students enrolled in an online course.

Closely linked to the concept of immediacy, in fact, is that of presence. The students, while taking advantage of the freedom that an online course offers them, need to know, from time to time, how the path they have taken is going. For this reason, the tutors must always be "visible" and present within the course. This means providing feedback constantly, but also actively participating in class discussions; it does not mean saturating the students with both useful and useless communications. It is about providing constant support to help students get immediate answers.

The platform and tools used within the online course are essential to put this immediacy into practice. In addition to the means of communication such as forums and Instagram that allow the relationship between tutors and students, in fact, the way in which the platform is developed, from design to accessibility, from language to interactivity, allows students to take advantage of a real-time and fast and effective training.


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