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What is compliance training?

Compliance training is fundamental within every company. Making regulations usable is a challenge for eLearning that must design courses that are both a quality product and engaging.

The term "compliance" is increasingly being used outside the corporate world. It is nothing more than a company's ability to comply with current regulations. In the world of training, and therefore eLearning, this term turns into "compliance training". Both workers in the legal area and employees in other sectors need to follow this type of training in order to apply the regulations in their work.

Why is compliance training so important?

Because this corporate training at can help ensure compliance with the code of conduct and increase productivity while complying with current legislation. What are the main topics of compliance training? Relationships with competitors, harassment in the workplace or protection of trade secrets... the topics are endless.  

Of course, the task of companies is not to "liquidate" the issue by offering employees a quick course of a couple of hours a year. In fact, compliance issues are too important to be taken under control. It is about reducing a range of issues that can arise in the workplace, from harassment to discrimination and corruption. In this way, the company earns money and legal benefits and, at the same time, employees will enjoy a better quality of work.  

The challenge of eLearning is to make these topics accessible to all employees, which are not only very technical, but can sometimes be boring, even if they are more than necessary. In fact, this type of training is often repeated cyclically to allow employees to keep up to date with the latest legislation. How can eLearning address compliance training design?

  • Involve: videos, images, quizzes and other interactive elements, used in a balanced way, can help to make learning more attractive. It may be useful to include additional content to link the topic to other types of more engaging topics (leadership, customer support, communication strategies, IT security, etc.);
  • Updating: one of the main features of compliance training is that the training is always in step with the times as it concerns constantly updated elements such as regulations;
  • Accessibility: to facilitate learning, it is essential that the platform is available on various devices, so that workers can study at the most appropriate times.

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