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eLearning and SMEs

A project to test common online training practices in SMEs.

Between September 2014 and August 2016, the SMES & E-LEARNING project was held with the aim of testing and transferring e-learning practices that are common in the formal education sector to European small and medium-sized enterprises (with a maximum of 30 employees) in order to check the professional skills necessary to develop and support the growth of this type of companies in Europe.

The objective of the project was to make small and medium-sized enterprises - estimated to represent 99% of all European companies with 42% of all turnover - aware of the e-learning opportunities available to them, and even more important, how these opportunities can best be used to ensure acceptance by managers and the workforce.

8 partners from different European countries participated in the project:

  • EU15 (UK)
  • Ioannia University (Greece)
  • EU15 (UK) / VITECO (Italy)
  • P4ACE (UK)
  • The World University Service of the Mediterranean (Spain)
  • Slovak Business Agency (Slovakia)
  • Regent's Park College, Oxford University (UK)
  • CNA Provincial Association of Pesaro and Urbino (Italy)

The result of the project are shown in two reports.
The first is the European-wide e-Learning Recognition Review Report, which summarizes the fundamental steps of the project and the results achieved; the second is the Best Practice Guide, where the best e-learning practices of small and medium-sized European companies are identified and collected.

In particular this report, even if issued a few years ago, is in any case perfectly up-to-date in the attempt to spread e-learning as a tool to improve the potential of employees and companies, and as a sum of opportunities to support the training programs of European small and medium-sized enterprises.

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