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6 false myths about eLearning courses - Infographics

Is it true that online courses have less quality, are easier or that employers tend to not recognize online certifications? It's time to debunk some of the major false myths about eLearning.

There are many false myths surrounding the world of eLearning. Only by getting rid of these beliefs, I know that they can take advantage of more and more people.

What are the main false myths about online courses?

1. Online courses are qualitatively worse than classroom courses

It is a rather generic statement and a priori judgment. As with master's or university courses, the quality of e-learning can also vary from course to course. For this reason, it is always essential to choose the right course.

2. Online courses are easier

Online courses are not a "shortcut" for those who do not want to work hard. When choosing a quality training course, in fact, it is not necessary to have any training, but it is also necessary to have a strong motivation to finish it.

3. Online courses are not accredited

This is a false myth. Every course in the world, for this reason, if we want to be sure that it is accredited, and therefore has a value within our curriculum, it is necessary to pay attention to the seriousness of the training and of the institution providing it.

4. The relationship with the professors is non-existent

Well-done online course tries to overcome this lack through different tools like emails, instant messages, calls via Skype and podcasts.

5. Online courses are boring and not very participatory

As a relationship with professors, online courses, if well structured, allow students to actively participate and interact with other participants. In addition, online platforms usually given the opportunity to make course through videos, infographics, podcasts, games, forums and much more, making it much less boring for students.

6. Employers do not recognize online certifications

This statement is very relative. Not only in online technology certifications are becoming increasingly important, but weight given to certification also depends on the institution that accredits the course. In addition, more and more employers give less importance to certificates and certifications based on the portfolio of employees.




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