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Cyber Security vs. Cybercrime - Infographic

What data are stored by your IT devices and how to defend them?

Within the e-Learning platforms, many data are available concerning the students (demographic data, health data, etc.) which must also be protected with reference to the "General Data Protection Regulation" of the European Union (GDPR)

More generally, nowadays the data and information (personal and corporate) registered on our devices are really many: account passwords, contacts, calls and messages sent and received, GPS location, sites visited, credit card and bank account numbers, confidential files, recent files, even files that have been deleted.

All this information is threatened by Cyberattacks. Cybercrime is an increasingly widespread and global phenomenon: just think that in the USA alone, 75 million fraudulent emails are sent every day, which violate the data of 2,000 victims per day (with an average cost of USD 128 each).


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