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How, when and why choose an e-Learning training provider? - Infographic

If you don't have an internal online training team, how do you choose the right provider for you? Here are 9 simple tips to follow.

The advantages of using online training in a business environment are many. For this reason, many organizations create an internal team for the management of digital training or outsource the development of online training. If you have just decided to collaborate with a company that deals with eLearning to offer online training programs, you will surely be asked many questions. In this infographic you will certainly find some answers.
Choosing an e-Learning training provider is not an easy task.

Why do you need an e-Learning provider?

1. To be able to concentrate solely on your core business

Investing in an internal e-Learning team is an additional cost and can be avoided by deciding to rely on an external partner for the creation of online training.

2. To have at your disposal an expert team in the development of e-Learning training

E-Learning professionals have clearly spent years perfecting the various mechanisms involved in the design and development of online courses and put all the required skills at your service.

3. To benefit from faster delivery times

The companies that have done e-Learning their job have a lot of experience also in the use of authoring tools that speed up the course design and development process, making delivery times faster.

How to choose the right e-Learning provider?

1. Check if eLearning is the core business

Choose a supplier that mainly deals with e-Learning training: it will be able to give full attention to the project.

2. Check their project manager procedure

Get a clear idea of the processes followed by the supplier and make sure they can provide a dedicated project manager for your project.

3. Search for cases and testimonies similar to yours

Take a look at the customer portfolio of the e-Learning provider and, looking for reviews, get an idea of the satisfaction that customers like you have experienced.

How to build a successful relationship with the e-Learning provider?

1. Avoid pointing fingers

To overcome any problems and get the best solution, it is always better to be collaborative and share your ideas with the supplier.

2. Communicate clearly

Clearly communicate your goals, clarify any preferences regarding the development of the e-Learning course.

3. Identify a contact person

Always interface with your internal account / project manager to facilitate the communication process.

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