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What Is UDL? - Infographic

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an education framework based on decades of neuroscience research. Let’s discover it together.

The UDL puts as a basic assumption the fact that all students deserve rigorous and motivating training that makes them proactive, goal oriented and well informed.

This educational structure respects the diversity of students and encourages them to be more involved in training, to choose, to take charge of their education.

How? By offering students means of action and expression and guiding trainers to recognize obstacles to learning and to find solutions to remove those barriers.

However, many trainers have never heard of UDL or have not been able to fully understand what it is. They are often driven to think that this is personalized education and that it cannot be used in standard training.

This infographic illustrates the basics of UDL, including goals and guidelines and provides some implementation tips.

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