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When to use animated videos or those recorded in online courses? - Infographic

How to integrate home-produced animations and videos into an eLearning course.

Recorded videos (for example the classic videos depicting the teacher explaining the lesson) are widespread in eLearning courses and certainly useful and functional, but they are not always the best way:

  1. if you want to convey abstract and complex ideas
  2. if changes and updates to the video are needed. Editing is complicated: if changes are needed, it is necessary to film all over again;
  3. if you want to keep your attention high: the teacher who speaks for hours may not be very "fun".

The inclusion of animations in the eLearning course, alongside traditional types of videos, can be useful to improve:

  1. simplification and simplified visualization of abstract concepts;
  2. editing and modifications to the course;
  3. the involvement of the student: funny images and music break the concepts and keep the attention high.ù

Article taken from eLearningInfographics

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