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Now it’s the time to activate your GDPR training plan

Are you worried about the GDPR and its imminent entry into force on 25 May?

Forbes and the technology company ASG Technologies reports that 47% of global organizations have expressed doubts that they will be ready by that date. The biggest concern of the companies interviewed was "how much could it harm the company reputation if a case of non-conformity occurred?".

Here are the 3 reasons not to panic.

1. It is not the apocalypse

British Commissioner for Information Elizabeth Denham has reassured everyone who is preparing to comply with the GDPR by saying that no apocalyptic scenario will open on 25 May. Rather, the Learning & Development team must start implementing a training plan immediately.

2. Building on existing bases

Probably your company already implements continuous training on data protection compliance. Think about how you can upgrade your training to incorporate the new GDPR requirements.

3. The GDPR is an evolutionary process

Think of May 25 as a moment of presentation. If your organization is not ready for GDPR by the indicated day, it is important to show that it has at least started training staff. So, it's not too late.
In the long run, develop a sustainable GDPR training plan that will make data protection a strong asset for your organization: having a continuing education plan will allow you to incorporate good data protection habits across the enterprise.

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