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Create a video for eLearning

What is the most suitable lighting for your video? Where to place the microphones? Creating an eLearning video is not as easy as it sounds!

Video is one of the main elements of an online course. That's why we often talk about it in articles like this or this. When creating an online course, you immediately realize the many difficulties that can arise before, during and after the production of a video.

Besides the content that, of course, must be of quality, it is not always easy to create a professional video. The possibilities are endless and precisely this wide range of opportunities can create even more confusion. Here are some tips that may prove useful before creating a video:

1. Choose the location

One of the first steps to make sure you shoot a great video is to find the right location. There are many places that can be rented and that will allow you to get professional results. It is good to think about it calmly to avoid having to improvise.

2. Pay attention to make-up, wardrobe and props

In case people (tutors, teachers or others) appear in the video, it is necessary to always have make-up at hand in order to make small adjustments during the shooting. Props and clothes (beware of creases or stains!) must also be prepared in advance as, in some cases, some objects can be difficult to find.

3. Sharing your vision with the videomaker

Creating professional video means relying on a professional videographer who deals with lighting, position of the subject in the video, camera movements, etc.. While dealing with the most technical part of the work, it is essential that he knows your vision and your goal in order to create the product you are looking for.

Is the pre-production phase already finished? Here is what to pay attention to when recording the video:

1. Lighting:

Lighting is essential not only to convey a concrete feeling, but also to create a professional video. Usually, at least 3 lighting points are used to accurately illuminate the subject and prevent the image from being "flat".

2. Audio

If the audio is not of quality, the video becomes completely useless, despite the possible presence of subtitles. For this reason, it is essential to hire professionals who know which microphones to use, where to place them and who can check that everything is in order during the recording, to avoid surprises in post-production.

3. Overall view

Although you have prepared everything in detail, always think that you have the opportunity to make changes during shooting that can improve the final result. How does the composition look like to you? Do you need to change any phrases?

Finished recording the video? Before you relax for a moment, remember to back-up so as not to risk losing the material. Obviously, the creation process is not finished yet. In addition to editing, you may need, for example, to add a voice-over, insert slides or photographs.

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