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eLearning 2021: the trends not to be missed

In recent months, eLearning has experienced significant growth in the corporate environment. But what will be the trends in the new year?

More and more users and companies are entering the world of eLearning. This is a growing trend in recent years, accelerated even more by the pandemic of COVID-19 and the considerable increase in smart working and the need to update skills.

Now that we have just left 2020 behind us, what are the trends that await us in this 2021? In a nutshell, this is what awaits us this year:

1. Artificial intelligence

Although not new, AI will continue to be the focus of many sectors in the coming years, including eLearning. Through the data collected, it will be possible to personalise learning experiences and recommend courses for each learner - an increasingly pressing need for learners and, consequently, for eLearning experts.

2. Learning Analytics

Data continues to play a key role in learning analytics. Here again, it becomes a tool for studying the way learners learn and their relative performance. This helps online course and test creators to improve their training offerings.

3. Virtual reality

Making an online course practical can be a challenge. Therefore, this year and in the years to come, virtual reality will continue to allow programmers to offer students a way to test what they have just learned in their online course.

4. Social learning

Strength in numbers. Learning collaboratively and sharing knowledge is one of the strengths of social learning. Forums, chats and social networks are the main tools for putting students at the centre of online learning.

5. Content management

If content is an essential element of eLearning, content curation, i.e. the activity of gathering information, choosing the best content, organising it and sharing it in the best possible way, will not be missing in 2021 either.

6. Learning via video

Videos continue to be an important part of the content of a virtual training course. Obviously, as the years go by, the quality of the videos improves and they become more and more adapted to the training needs of the topic and the learners. Learn more about how to create better videos for eLearning.

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