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eLearning content: evolution over the last ten years

 What was the eLearning situation 10 years ago? And what is expected in the online education sector in the coming decades?

The 20th century was characterised by impressive technological changes. The 21st century is already demonstrating its potential at an even faster pace. Technology and change affect all sectors, including online learning. Progress has also been made in the world of eLearning content. An element that seems to be taken for granted today. What was the situation 10 years ago?

In 2010 we were far from being really aware of the importance of content or at least not to the extent that we are now. At that time, few people were talking about this topic, for example specialised blogs. Although these experts started to deal with topics such as quality or multi-device learning, a decade ago content was hardly ever designed according to the characteristics of online education. Usually there was a tendency to use material already created for traditional courses. The result? Often little content suitable for eLearning.

Five years later, in 2015, the advent of smartphones and other electronic devices brought content to the forefront. It was no longer possible to treat online content as traditional. Informing, communicating and reading online became the norm. For eLearning, it was no longer the time to avoid the topic of content. That is why, within a few years, texts, videos and all other information began to be created specifically for online courses. This is when microlearning also started to take off.

The design of online learning is increasingly determined by the possibilities offered by technology, but also by the new habits of the students. Of course, in a world where everything is just a click away and the hours pass quickly, offering effective, fast and targeted courses becomes an indispensable feature for survival and success in the world of eLearning.

What is happening in 2020? The difference between online and traditional content is becoming increasingly clear. There is an increasing number of articles and information explaining how to adapt and edit the content of your online course, starting with relevance and ending with interactivity. The challenge of the coming years is to create interesting content adapted to the platform used. This is not all. One of the ever-present challenges of eLearning and content is to keep the attention and motivation of course participants high.

So what is the future of eLearning in the coming decades? The horizon looks rather positive as online education is constantly growing: eLearning professionals will write the future of the sector. 

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