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B2B eLearning: How to train partners

How to extend corporate training to partners and resellers and keep company values and profits high.

When people think of corporate training, they associate it with employees who need to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve company goals. But they're not the only ones. Partners such as resellers or distributors not only contribute sales, they also represent the company to the end customer. For this reason, partner training should be directed not only at the product but also at the company's values. Here's how to help train partners through eLearning.

Assessing the training needs of business partners

The generic term partner refers to all external figures and entities involved in business processes: consultants, resellers, affiliates, distributors, for example. To the extent that these individuals sell the company's product or service, they should receive adequate training to achieve the desired results. A number of surveys can be created to do needs analysis. In this way, it is possible to understand immediately, on an individual level, what to focus the training on: sales techniques, marketing, product training.

Convey corporate values and objectives

Since the partners also represent the company on social media, it is important to train them on the company's values and how to convey them to the customer. The best way to do this is to share videos on the company's history and use storytelling techniques that create identification with characters that represent the company. As for company goals, they should be clearly specified at the beginning of training. As with employees, setting clear, verifiable and measurable goals over a period of time helps evaluate the effectiveness of the training, but also performance.

Answer customer questions

For a salesperson, there's nothing more alienating than having to get stuck selling a product because they can't answer customer questions. Even when selling products of a technical nature, salespeople should be trained on the most frequently asked questions and have clear guidance so they can prepare the ground for the technical salesperson.

With eLearning, mock conversations can be conducted, with which sales reps or dealers can prepare to answer customer objections, thus contributing to customer retention and in turn, customer education.

Choose how to deliver training

An LMS is the ideal system for training partners located at home or abroad. Everyone can access the platform and use the training at any time. Other advantages of the LMS are the ability to engage partners and create group size using webinars surveys, discussion forums. These features can also be used to get feedback on the training and modify the content accordingly, involving the partners themselves in generating such content. Partners, for example, can bring their own "on-the-ground experience" with customers and adjust training based on actual needs.

Partner training is important for increasing sales and maintaining brand reputation. An LMS helps establish clear training and sales objectives, train partners anytime, anywhere, and involve them in the training process. 

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