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Metal University chooses DynDevice LMS for online education

Isfor, AQM and Riconversider have used the DynDevice eLearning platform to manage the distance learning of the important training project in the metallurgical sector.

Metal University, the "Technology School" dedicated to steel, metallurgical and engineering companies, born from the partnership between the institutions AQM, ISFOR and Riconversider, successfully closes its first year of teaching.

Metal University is a school of higher education that is a point of reference for all companies (from SMEs to large companies) operating in sectors related to metallurgical processes and metalworking and is divided into three training areas:

  • Technical/Metallurgical,
  • Digital,
  • Managerial/Transversal.

The numbers of this first 2020-2021 edition? 126 students from 23 metalworking companies, including Almag, ArcelorMittal, ASFO, Asonext, Asoforge, Brawo, Duferdofin, Feralpi, Finmetal, Foma, Fomas, Marcegaglia, NLMK, Ori Martin, Rodacciai.

For Metal University, training is not simply the fruition of a list of useful courses, but continuous training, focused on the generation and constant sharing of experience and knowledge.

The didactics of Metal University is managed and delivered with the eLearning platform DynDevice LMS with webconference functionality. Thanks to it, the three promoters, Isfor, AQM and Riconversider, have been able to operate simultaneously on the same platform and finalize the educational project with success and satisfaction.

The second edition of the Technology School will start on September 30, 2021: each company will have 750 hours of training available over the three-year period, will be able to select and participate in a flexible way in the courses of interest to employees, participating in company visits, workshops and the dedicated community.
On the strength of the positive experience of the first edition, didactic planning, training management and course delivery will be entrusted once again to the eLearning platform DynDevice LMS of Mega Italia Media.

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