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LEARNTEC 2020: record numbers for the 28th European fair for digital education

Great success for the twenty-eighth edition of LEARNTEC, the main European fair for digital education in schools, universities and business training. The event, the topics covered and the LEARNTEC 2020 numbers.

The 28th edition of LEARNTEC, the main European fair for digital education, was held in Stuttgart, at the Karlsruhe exhibition center.

From January 28 to 30, professionals of training and digital technologies presented the current trends related to eLearning training, mobile learning and virtual reality, showing methods, technologies and best learning practices supported by IT for corporate, school and university training.

With 411 exhibitors from 17 different countries, or with a 24% increase compared to the previous edition (in which 341 exhibitors from 15 nations had participated), LEARNTEC 2020 was even more international, innovative and broad.

And the public has not been less: with a record number of 15,600 visitors, 34% more than the previous year, LEARNTEC confirmed its position as the number one in Europe for digital education.

The huge increase in visitors and exhibitors shows that digital learning is no longer just a future trend, but an important market in constant growth, and that the demand for digital education is constantly increasing.

The thematic area of the digital school has grown significantly: about a third more of exhibitors than last year presented their products for the digital school of the future.

Great success also for the Future Lab, a lively area where visitors to the fair could learn about future technologies and visions related to digital learning.

A few days after the conclusion of LEARNTEC, over 80% of the exhibition space has already been reserved for LEARNTEC 2021, both by long-term customers and by new companies that will arrive at LEARNTEC for the first time. The next edition will be held at the Karlsruhe exhibition center from 2 to 4 February 2021.

Find out more about the event by visiting the official LEARNTEC website

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