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How to train workers in smart-working model, to protect health and safety

A new refresher course allows agile workers (Smart Working) to update themselves on the protection of health and safety in the workplace.

In recent years the world of work is changing rapidly, both in terms of new forms of contract and in relation to the evolution of technologies. These transformations certainly lead to a decrease in exposure to some classic work risks, but, as a counterpart, they are a harbinger of unprecedented problems and risks.

Among the novelties of the current working context, Smart Working (also called "agile work"), emerges. It is a way of carrying out the professional activity carried out occasionally outside the premises of the company with the help of remote information technology.
In order to effectively deal with the prevention of emerging risks related to this widespread working method, a constant and effective updating of workers' training is necessary, in compliance with the requirements of the legislation in force in Italy.

The Smart Working course

For this purpose, Mega Italia Media, one of the leading companies in security training and in the development of technologically advanced applications for online training in Italy, offers an eLearning course able to improve the protection of health and safety in "agile work".

The new "Online Course - Workers - Update - Smart Working - 1 hour" is for everyone working in the Smart Working mode and who have to perform the five-year training update (total duration 6 hours) as they have already completed:
- training in the field of occupational safety and health as foreseen by the State-Regions Agreement of 21 December 2011;
- adequate training before the entry into force of the State-Regions Agreement.

Legislation on agile work and course content

In Italy, the Law n. 81 of 22 May 2017, on "Measures for the protection of non-entrepreneurial self-employment and measures aimed at favouring flexible articulation in the times and places of subordinate employment", promotes agile work as "way of execution of the employment relationship established by agreement between the parties, also with forms of organization by stages, cycles and objectives and without precise time or place constraints, with the possible use of technological tools for the performance of work ".

The worker in Smart Working has the possibility to work even outside his own office and with less time constraints, but he also has the responsibility of organizing himself in order to ensure compliance with the maximum working times and with the protection of health and safety in the place of chosen work.

What are the main contents of the Smart Working course?

  • What is Smart Working?
  • Smart Working: legislation (law 81/2017, legislative decree 81/2008, security of technological instruments, company agreements, power of control and disciplinary, ...)
  • Smart Working: employee insurance
  • Smart Working: health and safety (obligations of the worker and the employer, risk assessment, ...)
  • General risks related to the task (video terminals, organization and work breaks, work-related stress, ...)
  • Choice of workplace (risk assessment, management of emergencies, ...)
  • Supervision and control

All courses provided by Mega Italia Media in eLearning mode base their effectiveness on the quality of the training course, on the competence of the teachers and on the respect of the following factors:

  • multimedia: use of various tools (videos, slide presentations, documents, tests) for a better understanding of the contents;
  • interactivity: interaction of course users with the e-tutor or with other users of the course;
  • continuous monitoring of activity and level of learning;
  • quality and clarity of the contents: use of a clear and understandable language;
  • didactic rigor: the user is obliged to completely follow the course to access the verification tests which enable, if passed, the passage to the next lesson. At least 80% of the questions must be answered correctly. And if you miss a test, this is repeated with new questions.

The lecturer of the new online course on Smart Working and Security is Lorenzo Fantini, labor lawyer and, from 2003 to 2013, manager of the competent divisions in the field of health and safety at work of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies

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