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The future of training is online: the first e-Learning course dedicated to Nautica is born

The first online course that, through a simple and effective study method based on memory techniques, helps to obtain a nautical license.

E-Learning training is increasingly appreciated in the world and in all sectors. The advantages are manifold: the possibility of using training anywhere and at any time, the greatest effectiveness and the lowest economic cost.

The innovation of training in the nautical sector stems from the idea of two Italian entrepreneurs: Daniele Bianchi, President of the Yacht Club Roma and Ocean Skipper, and Valerio Mazzi, teacher expert in training and memory techniques. This contamination of ideas and experiences has given birth to the first and only course that responds to the needs of users wishing to take a boat license and who want to learn an effective method that allows them to immediately apply the concepts learned, saving time and money. Thus Nautica to go is born, the first e-Learning course that represents not only an alternative resource to traditional training, but promotes the development of the memorizing skills of the aspiring skipper.

"For many years, the course of studies for obtaining the nautical license represents a real obstacle, but above all it is difficult to understand some topics necessary for passing the theory exam. For the first time in Italy it will be possible to study for the nautical license without neglecting the understanding of the most complex concepts, obtaining more by getting less tired and transforming a course of study into a simple and pleasant project." says Daniele Bianchi.

The course allows you to follow the study program through video lessons and exercises aimed at understanding the subject. All focusing on the importance of memory through a method that leads the student to analyze how he applies his own memory every day without being able, most of the time, to make it work as he would like.

"The reason why we find ourselves frustrated with poor results depends on many factors, lack of an effective method, lack of motivation, anxiety and mismanagement of our time. So how can we remember everything? One way! Visual memory, associative memory, use of imagination." explains Valerio Mazzi.

The mission of Nautica to go is to simplify the study thanks to an effective method and to bring the skippers of tomorrow to the achievement of their own training and personal projects.

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