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Europe: investment in digital

European Investment Bank's annual report shows slowdown in digital investment by EU firms.  

The European Investment Bank's annual report points to a slowdown in digital investment by EU firms. 
Although there has been a general increase compared to previous years' figures, the Covid-19 crisis has certainly had a negative impact on investment: 37% of companies have reportedly not yet managed to adopt new technologies on the market. 

Among European companies, those in Southern Europe have spent the most on adopting new technologies. 
In terms of firm size, these are also related to digitisation: larger firms have a more significant technology cluster, while only 40% of European micro enterprises have implemented at least one new technology. 
From a sectoral point of view, the sector that has had most difficulty in adopting new digital technologies is the manufacturing industry.

The risk is that a large gap will be created between companies in the future and that we will see an increase in the market power of segments that are already in a privileged position. However, the crisis triggered by the pandemic could be "a valuable opportunity to make non-digital companies aware of the issue and invite them to review their strategies before it is too late". 

In this sense, it will be crucial to use public and private investments towards the double green-digital transition
Ideally, there should be a coordinated response at EU level to achieve greater uniformity and fewer disparities between regions.

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