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DynDevice LMS: what do customers think?

We could talk about our eLearning platform, but we prefer to leave that to our customers. 

DynDevice LMS is the eLearning platform totally made in Italy, developed by Mega Italia Media, a company with thirty years experience in multimedia training and eLearning. 

The platform was born in 2011 and is SCORM™ certified in the USA. In 2017 the English version of DynDevice was born and in 2018 the HR module was added to DynDevice.

The user experiences of our customers are very important for us to continuously improve, that's why our customers have special areas where they can report new features that might be useful to them and a support service available through tickets. 

But let's see what are the strengths of the DynDevice LMS platform through the words of those who use it daily. If you would like to read the full reviews please see our Portfolio page

12 strengths of the DynDevice LMS eLearning platform

1. Ease of use

"Product easy to use and simple to interact with." Roberto R. - Employer - Training company

"I've been using the platform for about a year and in my opinion it's perfect, I haven't found any difficulties in using it (and I'm not an IT person)." Isabella B. Technical Manager - Training and Consultancy Company

2. Data management

"It is an accurate platform, it offers multiple options for managing the data uploaded and at the same time it is very intuitive and appealing." Cristina D. - Employee - Business consulting company

"The platform is convenient, simple, technically affordable. With very large customers it is extremely convenient because I can import a large amount of user data / activate many courses very quickly. The service is excellent, after all Mega Italia Media, the company that produces DynDevice, is the pillar of online training throughout Italy." Luca G. technical manager - Training and consultancy company

3. Creating reports

"The intuitiveness, the speed and the reports that are generated to control deadlines are for me the biggest pluses of DynDevice." Danilo M. - Engineer - Engineering company

"Excellent partner for distance learning thanks to the possibility to manage distance courses to overcome the territorial dispersion of users, such as our inter-company Academy projects, and the possibility to extrapolate the reports required by interprofessional funds to finance professional training." Fabio P. - Sales Manager - Training and Consultancy Company

4. Effective and timely technical assistance

"With DynDevice, the management of reminders and the speed of activation of licenses is excellent, as the experience of creating reports, always accurate, and technical assistance: prompt, fast and qualified. Definitely a quality product." Mattia R. - Training Office Employee - Training Company

"I'm satisfied with the technical and management side: the technical assistance is very competent and always gives me a quick and effective service." Monica C. - Sales Manager - Training and consultancy company

5. Online course catalogue

"A truly comprehensive course catalogue, rapidity in activating courses, allows the administrator complete management and the possibility of access from any means. 5 stars to the professionalism and availability of the support service." Vincenzo D. - Consultant - Training and consulting company

"A convenient system to use with a very large online course catalogue." Mariachiara V. - Training office clerk - Business consulting company

6. Software Integration

"The overall experience is very positive, as demonstrated by our decade-long partnership. With DynDevice it is easy to integrate our management software via API, which streamlines processes and improves efficiency. Any issues that have arisen over the years have always been resolved promptly." Luca B. - Technical manager - Training and consultancy company

7. Constant updating

"Structured platform with comprehensive functionality for managing online courses in synchronous mode; excellent customisation solutions for managing special projects, including Academy projects. The software is based on important IT and technological development; the frequent releases of the platform bear witness to the investment in the process of continuous improvement of the solutions offered." Fabio P. - Sales Manager - Training and consultancy company

"Good product! Excellent content and constantly updated platform." Danila F. - RSPP - Manufacturing company

8. Possibility of creating personalised courses

"An eLearning platform with a wide choice of courses and the ability to build your own courses, not to mention the excellent support service."  Giacomo L. - Consultant - Training and consultancy company

9. Educational and regulatory rigour

"We are very satisfied with the platform: in addition to offering an excellent technical support service and maximum availability in terms of information and management, the safety standards and compliance with current regulations are truly remarkable." Paolo B. - Technical manager - Business consulting company

"We met DynDevice at a trade show in Bologna a few years ago and chose it because I trust the legal technical delivery methods of the platform. I am satisfied with the platform." Riccardo B. - Sales Manager - Training and consulting company

"The aspects that weighed most in my decision to purchase DynDevice were the educational rigor of the courses offered, the quality of the content, the knowledge and esteem of the teachers used and the function of storing and tracking all the users' training activities." Carlo G. - Sales Manager - Training and consulting company

10. Possibility of creating videoconferences

"Excellent LMS solution for organising remote courses and delivering e-Learning courses." Serena R. - Technical Sales Manager - Training and consultancy company

11. Best value for money

"We chose DynDevice LMS because of its convenience, its excellent value for money and the experience of Mega Italia Media (widely recognised in Italy) in health and safety training. The courses in the catalogue met our needs and the reporting part is very well done."  Fabrizio R. - E-learning expert - Training and consultancy company

12. Modular activation of solutions, depending on needs

"DynDevice is an excellent LMS solution, which can be integrated with specific modules according to company needs. We have chosen to activate all of them, including the HR module, which is essential for the organisational management of medical examinations of users already in the system. This joint integration fully satisfies the training and health surveillance obligations of Legislative Decree 81/08 on safety at work. Also in use with modules. When we have a new requirement we fill in the functionality suggestion form and these are implemented in new releases." Sara S. - Marketing and communication - Business consulting company

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