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eLearning for travel agents

An interactive portal that helps travel agents discover Jamaica.

The tourist agency of Jamaica in Italy has focused on "Jamaica Tourist Board", a eLearning interactive platform with informative contents and images, with the objective of offering to travel agents the opportunity to know directly from their office the best destinations to propose in the Caribbean island.

Once registered, agents can navigate freely on the platform. It is specifically designed to offer a specific and in-depth learning method: the index is divided into six macro-themes, there are complete information on the different locations, activities and experiences to be lived in the area and, to certify the learning, there is a short final exam.

"This innovation wants to raise awareness among the agents and, consequently, to further bring them closer to the wide tourist offer of this beautiful destination: this represents the achievement of another important objective that will allow operators not to be caught unprepared and perform at their best every time a customer asks for our island - explains Elisa Eterno, representative of the Jamaica Tourist Board in Italy - We strongly believe in this project because the eLearning platform is born from listening and analysing the needs of operators in the sector and, for this reason, we are sure that it will bring great benefits to everyone ".

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