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What are the new tools available for designing online courses?

What are the best tools in the field of elearning? Here are some of the main features that software should offer to help optimize both the organization and the creation of an online course.

Those involved in e-learning are always looking for new tools that can improve the result and simplify the work. It is not just about programs or applications that bring technical improvements to the eLearning platform, but also tools that give the opportunity to optimize the management of the online training project.

What are the new programs or classics that cannot be missed when designing an online course? What features should they have?

Here are some examples:

Among the first useful supports we find the programs that help manage the project, i.e. to coordinate the behind-the-scenes work. These tools are suitable for organizing and managing the creation of the course, but also for allowing the team to easily communicateand to have a tool that makes it possible the constant control of the workflow.

The best program to choose is one that allows you to connect professionals who are in different cities and to coordinate the work of freelancers, perhaps through customized cards that show the workflow. At the same time, a program can help, especially for the creative team, to help plan work through the use of diagrams which can also be useful for making the brainstorming process visible.

On the level of content and their personalization, instead, it is essential to choose one or more tools that improve and simplify the design and creation of eLearning courses.The best ones are the supports that give the opportunity to insert contents in an intuitive way and to personalize them at a practical and aesthetic level, for example, using slides. These programs usually allow you to model the texts and also to share the result with the rest of the team thanks inasmuch as they are in the Cloud.

Among the novelties of this year, there is no lack of software that helps to make the contents more interactive: one of the most important goals for those deals with design in the eLearning field. The possibility of integrating written content with video, audio and animations, for example to create quizzes and interactive tests, in fact, offers an extra gear for one's online course. In this sense, we must also rely on a good video editor that gives the possibility to record the contents in a simple way but also to be able to introduce effects or add, for example, the hotspots that give users the opportunity to click and access others content.

An example that brings together all these features is DynDevice. This eLearning platform ( LMS, learning management system), in fact, is based on six modules divided as follows: training management, course deliverycourses creationsHR managementwebsite & eCommerceand company intranet. In this way, it is possible to check the entire life cycle of the online course, from the details concerning the organization of the team to the possibility of starting a working project and successful.

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