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What are the leading countries in the eLearning industry?

eLearning is a growing industry. The good news is that it is not only the richest countries in the world that benefit from it. Let's find out the ranking of countries that have bet on online training.

According to the major edtech magazines, the technologies dedicated to education, there is a future of constant growth for eLearning. Analysts expect the online course market to reach $ 275-325 billion by 2025. Some countries have been leading this process for years, dominating the offering of online courses that attract a global audience. Others achieve decidedly less conspicuous results, but focus on eLearning as a factor for development.

Which are the countries that invest most in eLearning?

1. United States

The hometown of eLearning technologies is also the world leader in online education, especially in the university sector. MIT in Boston and Pennsylvania State University are just two examples of American university colleges committed to offering online courses to millions of students. According to recent studies, at least 6 million American students have taken online university courses for professional training and for certification preparation.
The value of the US e-learning market was around 23 billion dollars in 2017.

2. India

The Asian giant is pulling the economy of eLearning in Asia, succeeding in offering its students a quality teaching. ELearning becomes a true ally to overcome the lack of infrastructure and the low purchasing power of people, opening the doors of higher education to an ever larger number of students and workers. Taking an online course means not having to move thousands of kilometers to attend lessons in the classroom or pay an unsustainable cost for the most.

3. China

China has well understood the importance of university and professional training in improving the skills of its workforce. This is why it invests in infrastructures to bring Internet to even to the most remote areas.

4. South Korea

Another Asian country is at the top of the ranking of countries investing in eLearning. There are at least 17 South Korean universities committed to offering online education and training access not only to their citizens, but also to students from other countries around the world.
Asia is the second leading market for the eLearning industry valued at over $ 10.9 billion.

5. United Kingdom

In the last decade the British government has warmly promoted and supported investment in eLearning. With an uncertain Brexit on the doorstep, it becomes even more important for universities to enlarge the audience of virtual students to make-up for the drop in enrollment in classroom courses.
Europe is the third eLearning market with 8.9 billion dollars.

6. Côte d'Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire enters this ranking as an example of small developing countries that focus on eLearning as a driver for development. In fact, digital startups in the African country represent 8% of the gross domestic product, a substantial percentage that fully demonstrates the crucial dimension that new technologies, including those for online training, play in the country.
In absolute terms, Africa is the last market for the e-learning market with just over 600 million dollars and is preceded by the Middle East, with 683 million dollars, and Latin America with 2.1 billion dollars.
North America and Asia are the regions of the world that for years have been leading the eLearning industry with investments in IT infrastructures and in the edtech sector. Developing countries, particularly in Asia and Africa, are also fully convinced of the importance of eLearning not only for personal development but also for society as a whole.

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