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AI Chatbots In eLearning

The new frontiers of eLearning.

Chatbots are programs using artificial intelligence to simulate conversations between robots and humans. These programs can act as chat users or customer service representatives (for example, as people who answer the FAQs of users accessing the site). According to Sayan Guha (computer engineer specializing in eLearning solutions), chatbots are becoming an essential part of digital life for most organizations involved in training and learning. Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence are increasingly gaining ground on personalized mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.

In today's digitized world, digital technologies including Big Data, Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are the hot topics in the field of business learning. Bots have the potential to re-shape students' experience, in an automated, efficient and economical way, but also personalized.

Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence for an optimal eLearning experience

Chatbots act as virtual assistants that convey effective communication between students and trainers. Modern technologies allow chatbots to interact with students, take input from available data and provide effective solutions. The implementation of chatbot supports real-time interactions with immediate access to relevant information at the very moment of need.

In addition, bots interact more quickly and easily than long e-mail exchanges and telephone conversations, which are typical of traditional human business conversations. The most important feature of chatbots is their ability of "deep" learning that makes them more and more intelligent when interactions with users intensify.

What are the functions of the bots and of the Artificial Intelligence that can be used to offer optimal eLearning experiences?

We can delegate a guiding role to bots in an eLearning training path, interacting with the student and, in response to specific requests, providing them with information pertinent to certain sections of the learning program.
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence it is possible to analyse data related to eLearning in an automatic and dynamic way, offering always updated and optimized courses to employees. Or, thanks to the aforementioned technologies, it is possible to initiate interactions between employees, increasing collaboration and productivity in the workplace.

What makes bots intelligent?

With digitalization, many companies are incorporating technologies based on artificial intelligence to transform their learning environment. Which features of Artificial Intelligence integrate into the bots to allow the simulation of human interaction?

1. Learning ability

Chatbots ask the student several questions to find out his/her preferences. Bots must able to learn automatically, discriminating the contents of the conversations in order not to repeating a question that has already been answered several times.

2. Understanding of the context

Understanding the training context is fundamental for the automation of human interaction. For this, bots must analyse different types of data with respect to training (time, day, structure and other); as a result, bots evaluate these variables to optimally understand the conversation.

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