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Why does business education need microlearning? - Infographics

5 data to support microlearning in business education.

It has been established that microlearning (training in short training pills) facilitates the learning of contents. But why adopt microlearning in the company?

1. Reduces training costs

  • Microlearning content can be developed 300% faster than traditional eLearning courses;
  • The forms are short and, consequently, the cost of a possible translation is reduced.

2. Improves the conservation of knowledge

  • Microlearning simplifies storage and improves information storage;
  • Microlearning helps employees overcome the curve of oblivion.

3. Increase the application of knowledge

  • Microlearning involves students in the use of content over the long term;
  • The microlearning modules can be made available to students exactly at the time of need (just-in-time learning), providing performance support.

4. Improves the involvement of learners

  • Research shows that employees are more involved when learning is concentrated in short time periods (about 7-11 minutes).
  • Various content distribution formats (such as videos, infographics, animations and simulations) can be used in microlearning to make learning even more engaging.

5. Contributes to in-depth learning

  • Training completion rates improve with more concise learning modules.
  • Microlearning facilitates performance support and allows students to make necessary decisions for their work in real time.

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