Year 4 - number 103 Wednesday 11 march 2020

Classic Blue, using the 2020 color in eLearning

Pantone has announced that "Classic Blue" is the color of the year. This news is also fundamental for the world of eLearning which can use this shade to design user-friendly and trendy online platforms.

In an eLearning platform, the colors used have an indispensable function. In this article, in fact, we have already told you about the importance of this element in visual communication. The use of colors and their combination, in fact, can help reading the contents, facilitate learning or, on the contrary, confuse the students, give a structure to the pages and much more.

Like every year, Pantone, the US company that has created a color classification system widely used by graphic designers around the world, has announced the " Color of the Year 2020". This is the so-called " Classic Blue" (PANTONE 19-4052). This decision always has a great influence on graphic choices and design trends worldwide.

Why was this color chosen?

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute said: "We live in an era that requires trust and hope. PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue, a stable shade of blue on which we can always rely, conveys precisely this feeling of constancy and trust […] boundless blue that recalls the vast and infinite evening sky, encourages us to look beyond the obvious to think more deeply and outside the box, broaden our horizons and encourage the flow of communication".

Indeed, blue is one of the favorite colors of professionals, especially when they need to simplify a topic, as it conveys confidence and calm. For these characteristics, the Classic Blue seems perfect for eLearning platforms, as it is capable of conveying a feeling of tranquility and improving the understanding of the contents.

How to use Classic Blue in online courses?

While Pantone helps professionals by proposing different color combinations to obtain different moods , one of the strategies that never fails is to use Classic Blue in its different shades. By adding white or black, in fact, it is possible to obtain different shades of color that can be easily used in the same platform, with which to underline certain elements or create a user-friendly structure.

Classic Blue can be used both for the main elements of an online course, such as the background or the font, but also for other visual elements such as images, infographics or a possible logo. In short, this year, focusing on the classic can be the winning weapon for the world of design in general but also for that of eLearning. The Classic Blue, in fact, has the right characteristics that allow to offer students a platform that transmits safety, calm and linearity.

Article taken from CommunityArticulate