Year 4 - number 128 Wednesday 30 september 2020

Online school: tips for parents

How to accompany their children in distance learning? Patience, interest and support are indispensable qualities to help young people in online learning.

The return to school after the long lockdown period continues to cause uncertainty. The education sector has experienced critical moments in recent months, given the precarious and sudden situation. Now that returning to school is a reality, the online option continues to be present, as it has now entered the homes of Italians.

Distance learning, despite the initial gaps and those still to be solved, will continue to be one of the possible solutions or additions so as not to interrupt the educational path of young people. What role do parents have in the online training of their children? Here are some tips to best accompany the youngest in this virtual path:

1. Connection with teachers

This advice is always valid for all types of training, both traditional and online: always be in contact with teachers. In the case of online teaching, email, whatsapp, phone calls or video calls are all useful and indispensable means to know on a daily basis how online training is going. Parents have the task of checking every day if there are any communications from teachers, homework to do or other urgent communications.

2. Establish a daily/weekly schedule

The distance from the classrooms may lead to problems with keeping your focus on your studies. For this reason, after talking with teachers, parents should create, in collaboration with their children, a sort of daily/weekly program to avoid that distance from the classroom could create gaps in their education. The fundamental rule is to participate in the school life of their children.

3. Studying while having fun

As gamification has taught us, the firm is more productive if it is also approached in a playful way, and this is true for young and old alike. For this reason, it can be useful to accompany children in this training path, virtual and not, looking for even the most fun side, always choosing new sources to keep their attention.

4. A quiet place

Within the limits of economic possibilities and space in the home, it is necessary to provide your children with the opportunity to study in a quiet, peaceful place without too much family tension.

5. Give them freedom

While it is essential to stay close to your children during their education at home, you must be careful not to overdo it. Just as adults are not productive if they are constantly "breathing down their neck". Less pressure, more support and trust are the "secret weapons" to find the right balance between home and online school.

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