Year 5 - number 141 Wednesday 13 January 2021

The advantages of an LMS integrated with videoconferencing software

Why can't your LMS do without tools for creating and managing videoconferences?

In an increasingly digital world, the success of an LMS now depends not only on the quality of the learning content and training tools it includes, but also on the integrations it makes available to companies.

Among the various possible LMS integrations, one of the most important (not only in the strictly educational sphere) is that with videoconferencing systems.

Videoconferencing: the advantages for training

Integrating a videoconferencing system into your LMS allows you to create online events, webinars and courses in synchronous mode, making training more engaging than classic eLearning. But that's not all. Thanks to this integration you can:

Integrating videoconferencing: the advantages for business processes

Apart from the training aspects, videoconferencing software offers numerous other advantages to companies. By integrating a videoconferencing system into your LMS, you can:

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