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How to promote an online business course through testimonials and reviews from former clients

Catia Dos Santos
 Catia Dos Santos
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18/12/2019: Word of mouth is and remains a valid sales technique in every sector. In eLearning it can be activated through testimonials or former students. Here's how to transform former clients into promoters and increase sales of an online course.
How to promote an online business course through testimonials and reviews from former clients

The internet world is dotted with users who have used products or services and leave reviews. The online courses are no exception and can accommodate both the experiences of former students and those of real testimonials that can influence a wider audience. Let's see how to manage the reviews on their eLearning website and how to convince ex-public clients to become testimonials of their corporate training.

1. Encourage reviews on an online course by e-mail

There are essentially two ways to get reviews for an online course: waiting for former clients to leave feedback independently or ask them to express their opinion at the end of the course. You can set up an automatic e-mail at the end of the course or a module in which students are invited to give their opinion. This tool helps to stimulate comments in online courses aimed at the general public, where students do not know each other or follow the course at different times and for different reasons.

2. Use spontaneous reviews on an online course through social networks

To get more spontaneous reviews, you could use comments left on social media or discussion forums within the LMS, Learning Management System. This mode is particularly suitable when students know each other, are part of the same organization or company and are encouraged to interact through social learning. The trainer can select comments left on Twitter and other social media and post them on the course page. When choosing reviews it is always good to include some negative feedback: including the truthfulness of reviews increases the confidence of future students and provides insights to improve the online course. What makes the difference, in fact, is the response that the trainer gives publicly, appearing to be proactive in responding to critical issues.

3. How to get testimonials for eLearning courses

When the online course is specific and aimed at a company known in its field, the trainer can talk to company managers or the research and training department to request a formal testimony. In this case, the trainer can agree with his / her testimonial on the most interactive and complex ways to leave his / her feedback. For example, you could organize a video interview with some of the course beneficiaries or write a real case study. The material obtained can be published both on the trainer's website, which uses it to demonstrate the impact of online courses, and on the company website, which demonstrates to its public attention to training and continuous improvement.

The point of view of those who have taken an online course is important to convince other students and other companies to choose that course. If it is a generic online training aimed at the general public, you can get reviews by sending e-mails at the end of the course or by monitoring the social media and the LMS forum looking for comments to publish on your site. In the case of ad hoc business training, agreements can be made with the client who becomes a true testimonial by telling the benefits of online training in the form of a video or in-depth analysis to be published on both sites, that of the trainer and that of the company itself.

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