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Why choosing Mobile Learning?

Why choosing Mobile Learning?
Anthea De Domenico
 Anthea De Domenico
 Best Practices
24/01/2018 : The reasons that push organizations to provide at least part of their training in the form of mobile learning.

It is undeniable: whether we like it or not, smartphones are increasingly present in our lives today. They become tools capable of performing the most varied functions: entertainment, socialization, research and information sharing just to name a few. Therefore, there is nothing surprising about the use of mobile phones in the training field.

For which specific reasons did organizations adopt mobile devices to deliver learning to their employees? Let's see the four main reasons:

1. Changes in the work scenario

People naturally tend to use mobile devices on the way home or to work or in their downtime: offering on-the-go training is a positive way to exploit this trend. Employees can profitably use the journey to home-work, expanding their pool of skills and knowledge and improving performance in the workplace.

2. Work-life balance

The world of work is increasingly attentive to the balance between personal and professional life. The themes? Flexible working hours and smart working (distance work). Mobile learning makes continuous training flexible, favouring a better balance between work and private life.

3. Cognitive load

Because of the information flow we are all subject to today, people's attention and memory is increasingly limited. In light of this data, it is useless to organize daily sessions of classroom training. Rather, it is better to organize training for small learning modules (micro-learning). These modules are easy to create and easy to use: they are based on short informative contents (3-6 minutes) that can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time.

4. Performance support

As mentioned above, "we only remember 3% of what we learn after 30 days". Fortunately, training delivered via mobile devices serves as a performance support. "Performance support becomes essential when an employee has to apply what he has learned or needs to solve a problem": in these cases he can quickly access the requested information stored on his/her mobile phone.

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