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3 ways to make your eLearning social

3 ways to make your eLearning social
Giulio Regosa
 Giulio Regosa
28/03/2018 : Together we learn better and more. How to introduce a form of "social" training in the company?

With the assumption that the interaction of ideas and experiences within a group of people is much more effective and “educating” compared to what the individual can produce, many companies have recently introduced "social" methods in their e-learning training, with the objective of involving their employees better and on more levels.

Social learning theory assumes that people's behaviour, knowledge and attitudes evolve by observing and interacting with others. These types of interactions take place organically for most of us in normal everyday experiences.

But it is also possible to intentionally weave these types of experiences into a learning program that connects different people, so that employees can interact with each other in social learning.

An article by eLearning Industry proposes 3 ideas for interweaving social experiences in the learning and development program of a company, and we briefly mention them hereunder:

Idea number 1: Use forums as a centre of social learning

Making a forum available on the company's LMS platform allows you to provide a discussion place that is easily accessible to students during and at the end of their training course. Technically, students can actively participate in a forum by posting and answering questions, as well as sharing perspectives and experiences. Better if these furum are also easily accessible from mobile devices because this allows a more rapid and direct interaction between the students. It is also very important that these forums are places where students can feel confident about commenting or questioning the material.

Idea number 2: Make the group activity significant

This means making sure that students know each other and create something together, so that they can strengthen their confidence in the corporate learning culture and contribute significantly to the company's mission.

Idea number 3: Stay in touch with the company coach or mentor

Social learning is more pervasive in companies where expectations regarding training and its results are communicated and clarified. To do this, students should prepare their own action plan for training and learn to use the corporate figures of a coach or mentor who, by maintaining a continuous relationship with the students during and after the training, can help them to pursue their action plan.

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