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Engaging Millennials through mobile learning

For some years now, online activity on mobile devices has surpassed that on desktop. Since smartphones entered the market for the first time, their use has spread widely in the daily life of users all over the world.

While each age group habitually uses smartphones (and can therefore benefit from mobile learning), Millennials have proven themselves to be expert users of mobile devices (the so-called "digital natives"). In fact, they not only find mobile learning convenient and intuitive, but increasingly turn to their mobile devices (more than desktop devices) to seek learning opportunities.
Attract Millennial users with mobile learning it can help grow your audience and your brand. Millennials are in fact a powerful market segment eager to learn and happy to share positive experiences. By concentrating your efforts to satisfy this demographic segment you will enjoy the support of an audience naturally predisposed to review and defend the products and services it benefits from.
But how can you create and distribute mobile content that will help you reach and attract Millennials?

1. Organize training into short, easy-to-use modules

The main attractive factor of mobile learning is the possibility of being enjoyed anywhere and at any time, even if this exposes it to a greater risk of interruptions. For this reason, mobile content must be short and quickly reach the point, without getting lost in non-essential information.
Create video content that does not exceed 7 minutes, make sure that the quizzes last even less and that, in the event of interruptions (very frequent when using a smartphone), it is possible to resume the use of the course from where it was been interrupted.

2. Prioritize user experience and accessibility

Millennials have high standards in user interface. More these users must struggle with a user interface that is difficult to use or not very intuitive, more will lose interest. So make sure your courses work properly on mobile devices and verify that:

  • The contents adapt to the size of the mobile screen
  • The contents are easy to read
  • Clickable elements are easy to locate without accidentally clicking on other elements
  • Navigation within the course is accessible and intuitive

3. Make it social

Millennials were the first users of all the major social platforms, from MySpace to SnapChat. These students are comfortable interacting with other online users and are eager to do it as part of their learning experience. Make sure that users can converse with each other through a special forum and optimize it for mobile devices, so that they can easily access them wherever they are.

4. Use gamification whenever possible

Millennials have grown up with video games and love to find playful elements on e-learning platforms. Earning points by correctly answering a certain number of questions, maintaining a certain number of weekly accesses or by answering the questions of other students are all ways to make learning more engaging

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