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april 2019 : Why collaborative online learning activities are effective

Online collaborative learning activities facilitate knowledge exchange and active learning and require a strong commitment from teachers, including in the implementation of feedback and evaluation processes.

april 2019 : 5 good reasons to adopt e-learning in schools

Using e-learning in schools to support the traditional teaching method can be useful for several reasons: it facilitates shared learning, makes it more pleasant, stimulates students' curiosity and more.

april 2019 : The CSCL model applied to online learning

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) is a typology of collaborative computer-based learning that can be easily integrated with the models and processes typical of distance learning.

march 2019 : Learning object: what it is and what it is used for

The Learning Object (LO) consists in the possibility of re-using, in the context of e-learning courses, educational material in digital format that can support the student for learning purposes.

march 2019 : Web based learning: tools, techniques and methodologies

Web-based learning consists in distributing digital material to all users to facilitate self-learning. The distribution of information material can be in synchronous or asynchronous form.

february 2019 : Continuous learning in the e-learning era

Continuous learning is a process of constant renewal of one's own knowledge, useful both at an individual level and for companies that want to invest in training their employees.

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