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Learning management system for mobile devices

Learning management system for mobile devices
Catia Dos Santos
 Catia Dos Santos
10/04/2019 : The smartphone is an essential part of everyday life and this would be enough to explain why having an LMS for mobile devices. There are many other good reasons to train on your smartphone.

An LMS that provides training compatible with mobile devices is an indispensable tool for guaranteeing students the training experience suited to their needs. The list of good reasons for which it is necessary to prepare the possibility of using the mobile training is very long, but there are two reasons in particular that give learning via smartphone or tablet a familiar and revolutionary sensation at the same time.

Mobile learning to improve the training experience

The omnipresence of mobile phones is visible to everyone, but the power of mobile devices is not limited to the possibility of connecting people at all times. In an increasingly smart and flexible global labor market, mobile phones also becomes a work tool for about 40% of workers.

Thinking about an online training course through the smartphone gives users a unique training experience: you can learn at any time and in any place, but above all, in the moment of need. There are those who prefer to learn about the journey home, over the weekend, in the open air, but there is also the possibility of consulting the resources right at work, when they are needed most. Users are free to choose how to use the content: via video, podcasts or in text format.
A mobile LMS to support the new frontier of eLearning

The eLearning apps allow you to apply the greatest innovations of the 4.0 revolution to online training:

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality, to be formed through simulations;
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning to track one's progress and content that adapts to one's own learning rhythm;
  • Assistants and voice recognition systems that increase student involvement.

The real eLearning revolution on mobile devices

We come to the true power of eLearning that makes learning on mobile devices revolutionary for two main reasons:

  1. the convenience of being able to train even when you don't have a computer or a laptop
  2. the possibility of accessing the training contents offline even without an internet connection.

There are economic, social and / or personal reasons why it is easier for a person to have a mobile phone or tablet rather than a computer. For the same reasons, not everyone has internet access. Mobile devices are more accessible for those who live far from the big centers and for those who, after a day spent at the computer, have no desire to continue working at home. With mobile learning you can learn from the comfort of your sofa and download the training content when you have access to the network and then use them and reuse them at any time.

An LMS for mobile devices is certainly useful to ensure a better training experience and use the new technologies applied to online training. The revolutionary scope of eLearning on mobile devices is that it allows a wider audience to access training even in the absence of a computer and, above all, of an internet network thanks to the offline mode.

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