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What does HR tech mean?

The digital revolution has touched all sectors. Let's talk about HR tech and understand what areas it encompasses. 

HR tech is a young and developing sector. When we talk about Human Resources Technology we are talking about the development of digital solutions dedicated to the world of Human Resources and Change Management.
More simply, all the digital applications that make the processes of the Human Resources office more streamlined and fluid is called HR Tech. 

But let's look in detail at what types of applications make up the HR Tech landscape: 

  • Training / Career Development / Coaching (talent management): tools that help employees achieve development goals and provide employers with business intelligence through learning management systems (LMS), continuous feedback collection tools and other platforms focused on employee development. For example, e-learning platforms, portals for online and classroom course enrollment and/or tracking, online systems for skills assessment, microlearning apps and tools (video pills, training pills, short documents...), gamification systems.
  • Corporate culture: digital tools for the promotion and analysis of corporate commitment, useful to improve corporate culture also through the management of rewards and the monitoring of employee evaluations over time. 
  • Performance management / Compensation and Benefits: tools for defining and monitoring individual objectives and for their periodic evaluation (performance management system), apps or systems for continuous feedback, systems to support feedback review management to be used annually, software that allows companies to manage payroll, benefits and insurance aspects. 
  • Salary comparison tools: tools can be used to compare salaries in the market for various positions.   
  • Search and Selection (talent acquisition): applications for the management of the Job Career section on the company website, the management of candidates' resumes and the selection workflow (Applicant Tracking system), internal Job Posting systems, and the acquisition of video interviews or video resumes during the application phase (video-recruiting), social media for the search of candidates and/or Employer Branding, chatbots to respond to candidates' requests for information, portals for recruiting recent graduates.
  • Core HR / Workforce Scheduling: solutions that manage employee data, contracts, organizational charts, teams, HR Help Desk, workplace safety, strategic workforce planning; software that helps manage staff scheduling, attendance and shifts. 
  • Workforce management: tools for managing absenteeism and the workforce in general, labor cost tracking, scheduling and timesheets.

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