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Corporate training: ideas about the contents of an online course

Beyond the mandatory training, what kind of online courses can be provided to employees?

The need to provide mandatory training to employees could be the initial push to invest in an LMS, learning management system, a learning management system that administers and delivers online courses, keeping track of the progress made by the trainees. Even the most intuitive LMS requires a minimum of study to be used by both the human resources department and the beneficiaries of the courses themselves.

Once you get into the multimedia business, with video, audio, animations, simulations and games, why not take full advantage of the potential of your LMS by starting to populate the list of courses to offer to employees? Business needs and a needs analysis are an excellent starting point to understand which courses to offer. To broaden your horizons, here are some ideas for training courses that lend themselves to being delivered online.

Passing on the company's history and values with storytelling

A welcome course could be the ideal solution not only for new recruits, but also for those who change positions within a company. For the former it is a way to understand how the company is organized and what its founding values are. For the latter, it is important to immerse themselves in the new role and feel part of the same story. By the way, a company can be told with characters inspired by the leaders, the typical customer and an employee of a specific department. A simple presentation can be transformed into a storytelling technique.

Learn about products and services

With the launch of a new product or service, it is essential that all staff members involved, from production to sales and customer service, are well informed. An online course with a simulation could be very effective to introduce the new features of a product. You can create basic courses, even with a simple screen recording or switch to more elaborate forms of virtual reality to practice talking to customers.

Transmit soft skills with eLearning

Transversal skills, such as initiative, communication and leadership, have always been recognized as an important role in the workplace. The idea that they are not innate skills, but that they can be learned and thus transmitted in an engaging way, makes soft skills the ideal object of an online course for employees. Some courses on the subject of communication, employee management and organizational interaction:

  • Improving listening skills
  • Increase motivation to achieve goals
  • Learn to delegate
  • Learn how to define and manage objectives

The range of courses that can be realized with an online platform is very wide: from company history to products to soft skills without forgetting company compliance, food safety, occupational safety and digital transformation.

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