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LEARNING 360: the first Digital Learning Open Event in Italy

LEARNING 360, on November 17th, at Teatro Manzoni in Milano. The event, topics and figures.

LEARNING 360, an event organized by Mosaicoelearning, has been held in Milano at Teatro Manzoni, on November 17th, 2017. It has gathered over 800 participants, who’ve had the possibility to listen to 20 national and international highly qualified speakers and to 15 case studies regarding Digital Learning in Italy.

This edition has had a great success, not only for the high number of participants, for the high quality of the speakers with their outstanding speeches and for the attendance of all main players of this industry, but mostly because it has given the greatest visibility to the issue of Digital Learning training. For the first time e-learning has been into Twitter trend topics, with the hashtag #LEARNING360.

All speakers have dealt with topics related to all different e-learning training opportunities presently available: Microlearning, Mobile and Social Learning, Coaching, Gamification, Storytelling, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Webinar, Software, Platforms, Digital Transformation.

Additionaly, 15 of the most relevant Italian case studies of Digital Learning, at corporate level and outside, have been introduced, thus making Learning360 the most important event in Italy for Digital Learning.

Those who have participated to this event (like us) will remember a memorable day, a truly real experience of personal and professional development, also giving a good opportunity to grow a network of professional contacts among other specialists and companies involved in e-learning.

In a few days, on learning360 website, we will find a questionnaire to collect feedbacks by all participants and a link to download the slides of the speakers.

Do you want to know more? Please visit the official website

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