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Why eLearning in the company: advantages and opportunities

january 2023
Why choose eLearning for in-company training instead of relying on traditional didactics and classroom lectures?

Tools for training cultural professionals

december 2022
Heritage education constitutes a heritage in itself to be known, protected and enhanced. Let's discover the contribution of eLearning to the education of teachers, citizens and students.

Tools for E-learning aimed at disabled, frail and vulnerable people

december 2022
With a view to ensuring equal access to education and training pathways, eLearning practices should be a priority.

E-learning: training becomes increasingly social and mobile

november 2022
Online training is confirmed as an increasingly inclusive tool used by companies to provide continuing education for their employees.

E-learning: orientation and choice of distance learning

november 2022
Technological development has improved access to and use of distance learning services, enabling the creation of tools that facilitate learning.

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