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Why create your own ad hoc business training?

Each organization has different and specific training and development needs. Would managing the training internally be better? Sometimes it's just like that. However, to create your own company Academy you need to rely on an external expert. In fact, it is normal that not all company needs can be met by internal skills. External professionals can facilitate the creation of tailor-made company training courses, offering useful tools and solutions, saving time and optimizing the HR department's spending.

Before starting, it is good practice to stop and reflect on some key factors that can undermine the effectiveness of any training or development program that you want to build internally. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

Do you have all the necessary skills?

The in-house HR and training teams are certainly the most qualified to guide employee training according to the training needs present. They know and understand the company and the corporate culture because they live it personally. However, sometimes internal teams may not be able to technically prepare everything that is needed to create, deliver and manage training. Outsourcing the provision of eLearning solutions to expert industry organizations is certainly necessary to save time and money and provide more effective online training systems.

Do you have the time?

In almost all cases, the HR team and the corporate IT team do not have time physically to set up a huge, long and difficult shared project. It would be a useless waste of energy and take away too much time from the respective activities. On the other hand, many thinks that adopting an external solution that allows them to create their own tailor-made business training is still too time-consuming. Certainly, making an online course is not an activity to be taken lightly: it is estimated that at least 28 hours of work are needed to create an hour of training.

Efforts can be optimized: in fact, there are LMS/LCMS solutions which allow you to create personalized courses in a simple, fast and effective way.

Send correct message to employees

The best organizations to work for are those that understand the value of investing in employee training. Show employees that your company is willing to devote time and resources to their professional development sends a powerful message. Relying on outside professionals also says that your company knows when to ask for help outside the organization.

Article taken from eLearning Industry

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