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The 5 software development trends of 2018 - Infographics

Following infographic illustrates the 5 trends for software development in 2018 according to

1. Software for business development

Customer management, assignment of activities, project planning, workforce monitoring: these are the main functions of each company. Performing these responsibilities manually is time-consuming and expensive, but developing software that has these capabilities (such as CRM) will save useful time for other businesses across the enterprise.

2. Open Source

The term Open Source refers to something that can be modified and shared because of its code accessible to all. The positive side is that it promotes collaboration and sharing: the use and development of this type of software and membership in an open source community allow us to keep up with technology and key professionals in all sectors.

3. Machine Learning

A branch of artificial intelligence (AI), that can be found in applications such as facial and vocal recognition, self-driving cars, web search. For machine learning to work in your business, you need to give it access to all available data and often requires extensive implementation resources. Nevertheless, it can help you to recommend the right products/services to the right customers at the right time.

4. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the extension of the Internet to the world of concrete objects and places. Although security and privacy have been key concerns, Business Insider expects Internet-connected (IoT) devices to increase by more than 3 times by 2020. Companies will be the first to adopt IoT solutions, followed by governments.

5. Gamification development

The global gaming market is constantly growing and software developers may be more and more involved with game development. Alongside this growth, the cost of developing a successful game also increases.

5 Outsource Software Development Trends For 2018 Infographic
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